Monday, January 14, 2013

The Birth

I can still remember clearly what happened that night.
I was watching The Prestige with my husband at home until the clock struck ten. I felt a sudden wave on my back, it felt more like a pulse. I ignored it and continued watching. The waves came and went constantly and I noticed they came every 15 minutes. I thought it could possibly a sign of labor. I'd also been experiencing constant diarrhea and occasional vomiting during the past few days- which were also the signs of labor approaching as the body cleaned out in preparation for the birth. Well you don't want stools coming out while you were pushing during the delivery, do you?
I was worried and my husband called the hospital. I was asked if my abdomen felt hard. I didn't feel anything and focused more on my back so I said no. The nurse on the other end replied that in that case, it wasn't labor. So we hung up the phone and went to bed.

I couldn't sleep as I felt the waves were getting stronger and more frequent. At one in the morning I woke my husband up and we headed down to the hospital. Upon arriving I was checked and the waves were actually contractions! I'm in labor! I was planning for a caesarean section so we scheduled one at 7 in the morning. I was feeling nervous and excited as I got to see my baby soon! It was way sooner than expected! Then there came the bad news : my obgyn went overseas.  I was prepared for this kind of situation and chose my second choice of obgyn. Oh well he's not available too. Then I chose blindly whatever obgyn is available. They gave me Dr. Hendra who lived near the hospital and also available. Ok I didn't mind. 

I was put on IV transfusions and given medicine to reduce the pain of contractions. I didn't feel any pain at that time but okay. Gradually the pain was getting worse and came every five minutes. I was in pain and asked for more medicine. They gave me some through the rectum OMG they didn't promise that it would ease the pain but let's hope it would. I was in so much pain I didn't mind - it hurt! Unfortunately the medicine didn't help at all and I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs. I cried for help and the nurses tried to calm me down by teaching me how to breathe. The breathing technique DIDN'T HELP! The nurses called the obgyn and re-scheduled the c-section to 5 in the morning. I kept staring at the clock while screaming in pain (I know it's shameful but I couldn't stand the pain). It was like hell and the pain was nothing like I'd experienced before. It was like the baby tried to rip open by back.

Some minutes before 5 o clock some nurses came and moved me to another room. I was so glad to see some help coming. They moved me to the surgery room. I embraced the room with great relief. I didn't feel nervous at all. The lights were bright and I met my obgyn and quickly put under anesthesia. I felt my lower part of the body numb. The obgyn was talking to me and cracking jokes while they tore my belly open (at that time I didn't realize they were already doing it). Then the obgyn said to me "Here we go, we're ready to get the baby out. Hubby wanna record the whole thing?". My husband said yes and moved out of my sight to get the whole thing recorded. I swore I would never watch the recording - blood makes me sick. Then suddenly I heard it! I heard the baby cried. It started weakly and got stronger. I've felt so much joy and was really glad that he's healthy by the sound of his cries. The doctor confirmed it was a boy. They cleaned the baby for a minute and they put my little one on my chest. Despite the weird looking baby (seriously he was looking weird at that time), I felt so much love to see him. We took pictures and the baby was taken away to be properly cleaned and checked (The APGAR test). He weighed 3.09kg and 52cm long. He's perfectly healthy!

It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life indeed. Welcome Owen Tjahjono, our first son :)


Yunie Henoek said...

Congrats wiii! It was indeed a beautiful moment :")

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